Welcome to faculty of veterinary medicine
Universitas Brawijaya

Benefit Study

There are many reasons why students choose to spend their undergraduate careers at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Brawijaya University (FVM UB).

0 th University in Indonesia

0 th + in Asia

0 th + in the world

  • Universitas Brawijaya currently is the best 6th University in Indonesia, 239th+ in Asia, and 800th+ in the world ranked by World University Rank 2022/2023.
  • FVM UB is the 6th oldest and foremost Veterinary Medicine School in Indonesia
  • FVM UB has been accreditated as Excellent by LAM-PTKes
  • FVM UB is providing international academic atmosphere:
    1. International curriculum standard based on Outcome-Based Education (OBE), consisting of 144 credits
    2. Full English in learning process

    3. Visiting Professor/Lecture from abroad (3 in 1 Program)

    4. Guest Lecture from stakeholders/practitioners

    5. International program: Student exchange/internship, Shortcourse

    6. Join Research and Join Supervision

  • FVM UB is having multiple international collaboration and partnerships:
    1. Malaysia

    2. Vietnam

    3. Thailand

    4. Philippines

    5. South Korea

    6. Japan

    7. Australia

    8. Poland