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About FVM UB

Universitas Brawijaya currently is the best 6th University in Indonesia, 239th+ in Asia, and 800th+ in the world ranked by World University Rank 2022/2023. FVM UB is the 6th oldest and foremost Veterinary Medicine School in Indonesia. FVM UB has been accreditated as Excellent by LAM-PTKes. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Universitas Brawijaya implemented Problem Based Learning (PBL) which consists of 144 credits, including lectures and practical work (on and off campus).

This curriculum is elaborated to reflect the goal of studying Veterinary Medicine in Indonesia as mentioned on Indonesian Veterinary Competency Standards (Decree No. 06/Congress XV/PDHI 2006 & PDHI Congressional Decree No.16/Congress PDHI/2010). This curriculum can be completed within a 3.5-year study period.

In order to meet the competency requirements that have been agreed upon nationally between all Faculties of Veterinary Medicine throughout Indonesia, as well as implementing the results of a curriculum redesign which is held every 4 years, FVM UB has started implementing a new curriculum for students for the 2019/2024 academic year.

It requires that to achieve a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine degree, students must take a total of 144 credits over eight (8) semesters