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(Malang) Has been conducted Yudisium Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine University of Brawijaya with the number of participants of 12 students. The names of students who follow yudisium this time is: Getty Princess Amura Lafali, S.KH, Yohana Leuricha, S.KH, Anisa Fadlilah Fitriani, S.KH, Mela Damayanti, S.KH, Setiya Early Larasati, S.KH, Muhhammad Hasbi Assidiqi, S.KH, Basofi Andra Adiama, S.KH, Febby Dewayanti Safitri, S.KH, Dzunnuraini Shukri, S.KH, Satriyo Agung Wibowo, S.KH, Holy Princess Rulliyani, S.KH, Hariati Sri Rejeki, S.KH.

Yudisium was conducted by the Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Brawijaya, Prof.Aulanni’am, DVM., DES and Vice Dean for Student Affairs III Dr.Ir.Edhy Sudjarwo, MS. On the occasion, the Dean expressed that the students who have passed on this day can proceed to Veterinary Profession (PPDH). To be eligible for the professional education programs, students must follow the selection test to be held in November 2016 with a quota of forty six students.

Congratulations !