Veterinary Program Objectives are:

a. Produce professional veterinary medical graduates Veterinarian as clinicians to improve the accuracy of decisions and actions refer to the Medical Ethics medical and veterinary medical competence

b. Produce Veterinarian to the challenge in order to develop a healthy civil society through physical and veterinary public health Rokhani

c. Produce Veterinarian capable as a researcher, academic, managerial and spirited technopreunership

The purpose is related to the technical task Veterinarian among others

a. Perform diagnosis, prevention, control, eradication and treatment of infectious diseases in animal and zoonotic diseases in a comprehensive multidisciplinary

b. Preserve and exploit animals for human wellbeing, environmental conservation and germplasm

c. Ensuring the quality and safety of foodstuffs of animal origin and ingredients of animal origin in order to maintain the health of civil society through food safety

d. Supervise and control the quality, use, and distribution of veterinary medicines biological material

e. Improving the nutritional quality of animal protein, public health and environmental health

f. Research and development of veterinary science and technology