1. Head of Program / Top Management invites all levels of management through a letter of invitation should be sent at least three (3) days prior to the implementation of the Management Review Meeting (RTM).
2. If the RTM failed to be implemented, then the Program Chair may cancel the invitation and send a new invitation letter RTM in accordance with the terms RTM (item definition).
3. Management Representative (Deputy Academic Affairs) shall prepare the agenda of the meeting includes:
a. Progress report and evaluation of the implementation of performance
b. improvement plan
c. Work Programme which will come
d. Determination of the agenda and schedule the next RTM
e. Other things that are considered necessary

4. In the implementation of the RTM, Chairman chaired the meeting and draw conclusions in order to continuous quality improvement.
5. All decisions or provisions made in the minutes of the meeting recorded by the RTM. Minutes of the meeting can be determined when the RTM begins. Minutes of the meeting read out the results before the RTM closed by the Program Chair.
6. Program Chair sends the GJM for RTM to be followed when there are changes that need to be done both in the realm of implementation and documentation in accordance with the applicable MP.
7. GJM report the results of its work to the Management Representative (MR).
8. All records relating to the RTM must be maintained by the GJM in accordance with MP Control of Documents and Records.

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Laporan Tinjauan Manajemen PPDH 2020